Technology has, in recent years, been buried under an avalanche of bad publicity.

It’s being blamed for environmental problems (e.g. global warming and pollution), social problems (e.g. loss of face-to-face communication as we rely more on hi-tech alternatives, such as email), economic problems (e.g. jobs being replaced with machinery), health problems (e.g. TV and video games replace sports as recreational activities) and problems in every possible sphere of human life in which problems can arise.

In most cases, the criticisms boil down to ignorance about technology, which has led to irrational fears about technology’s role in human life.

Technology isn’t to blame. It’s how we use it that matters.

In the same way fire has been a pivotal element to our progress as a race, technology offers us a much wider array of opportunities, which we should embrace rather than ignore.

Technalogia is about using technology to move our lives, our relationships and our businesses forward.

It looks at the benefits technology can bring, as well as the misuses we should avoid.

What should I expect to find here?

Tips, tutorials, discussion points and other resources about the use of technology in life and business, with a special focus on web technologies. You will also find articles and resources that go beyond technology, since my aim is to offer valuable content that advances human life, whether it’s high-tech or low-tech.

I will also be conducting courses and workshops that you might want to join.

Who is this site for?

Small business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs, web developers and anyone interested in making better use of technology in their lives.

Is Technalogia a typo?

Nope. It’s the Arabic way of saying technology (usually said sarcastically about things that aren’t technologically advanced).

About Me

Contemplating the meaning of life...

Haider contemplating the meaning of life...

My name is Haider Al-Mosawi.

I love technology, business and education, and interested in the way these three relate to and enhance each other.

I hate websites that are difficult to use and shed a tear when I see companies (especially big corporations) not knowing how to use technology to serve their customers.

I lived in London (UK) for 11 years, and moved back to Kuwait after receiving my Masters of Engineering (MEng) degree from Queen Mary University.

I’m currently handling the web work of a small business, teaching (part-time) in the Telecommunications & Navigation Institute and running a few web projects of my own (which I will tell you more about in the future).

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