Personal and Professional Branding Using Facebook Usernames

by Haider

in Social Media

Facebook is a great way to connect with friends, colleagues, customers, family members and any social contact you’d like to keep within easy reach.

But with the massive user base that Facebook has, it’s very easy to be lost in the crowd, especially if your name is “John Smith” (at the time of writing, Facebook lists about 223,000 users with that name). You shouldn’t have any problems standing out and being found if your name is “The Hulk” (though I see you’re not using Facebook yet :P).

Letting people know you’re on Facebook and have them find your profile can be difficult. That’s where Facebook Usernames can come in handy.

While logged in to Facebook, visit the Username URL at:

There, you will be able to choose a username for yourself, or any Facebook pages you may have created (pages must have 25 users “like” it before it can be assigned a username).

What this means is, instead of having an ugly link to your page that looks like this:!/pages/Kuwait-Kuwait/technalogia/116869828337292?ref=ts

You have an elegantly beautiful link that looks like this:

The “username” you choose will be the name that comes after “” in the URL.

The best convention to take for profile usernames (i.e. a username for your personal profile) is to go by your own name. If your name is already taken (e.g. you’re a John Smith), then you can add your father’s initials or a number after your name.

You should also use your page name as the username, so as not to cause confusion, and to increase brand awareness.

The most important step to take (after creating your username) is to share it with the world (i.e. your world). Now that the link to your profile or pages is much easier to share (you don’t have to memorize your profile number, or have people suffer after searching for you on Facebook), go ahead and share it!

Make sure you encourage people to join your Facebook community. You can even add your user-friendly Facebook URL to your business card, so people can know that you’re on Facebook and they can interact with you there.

If you’re on Facebook and haven’t “liked” Technalogia’s page already, click on the following link to do so: (now, isn’t that a pretty link? ;))


1 Aris July 11, 2010 at 6:06 am

Your brand is how customers feel about you..Your personal identify is how people react on your communication. In this new media or you can say MEDIA age you have to do your branding in Nth dimensions. Well yes, anybody can do communication by creating a page/profile on facebook or continuously posting tweets on twitter but you can not do effective communication without having in-depth knowledge about social media engagement. You need to learn the ability to spread your story and nudge people down the sales funnel at zero incremental cost.

If you don’t like change you are going to like irrelevance even less.

If anybody is interested on learn the ability to spread your story using facebook or interested in the development of a facebook app or custom facebook page in most effective manner than contact us at

2 Haider July 11, 2010 at 6:24 pm

Hi Aris, I personally believe that the basis of social media marketing is to focus on the SOCIAL, and not on the MEDIA. That way, you get to build relationships and conversations that help educate your audience, show them you care, and to build trust in you and your services.

I’m not sure that leaving comments on blogs that mention “branding” and “facebook” qualifies as a good strategy, especially when overlooking the actual topic covered in the post, or bypassing the blog owner to advertise directly to the readers.

But these are just my thoughts, and I’d love to hear your take on this.

3 Aris July 12, 2010 at 1:10 am

Hi Haider, thank you very much for your reply. Well I guess focusing on social interaction without the power of media is nearly impossible. Social media is nothing but a theory; In a theory, travel to MARS is easy, just get a rocket and go! but in practice it requires rocket science. Personal branding can’t be done without two elements Identity and Communication. You can start communication by just having a page/profile on facebook but effective communication comes when you will develop proper identity using proper media. Social media isn’t complicated. When you boil it down it’s about listening to your customers, being helpful by offering your knowledge and giving them interesting content to share and thereby advocate for you. But if you add little value of custom applications than people will engage with you and communicate effectively.

Well I guess my comments was exactly related to the post because in this blog you are showing a very basic part of a big picture. Thing are not as easy as you said, you need to properly handle your social media campaign otherwise social media will be a disaster for your personal/brand identity.

Don’t worry, after 1 year you will say social media just by one word MEDIA. There is already a lot happening in this area.

4 Haider July 12, 2010 at 3:40 am

Hi Aris, I believe I misunderstood your first comment. You were pointing out that there’s more to branding than what I mentioned in this post, but I didn’t see that connection. Sorry about that.

I believe success in social media is easy in that it has a lot to do with commonsense. The only problem is that commonsense isn’t so common. “Listening to your customers” should be a natural, routine operation, but so many businesses overlook it because they’re too busy obsessing over the product they’re creating (or shuffling papers, in many cases :P).

I certainly believe there’s more to social media than we tend to acknowledge. Certainly more than setting up a Facebook username. 😉

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